Small Business Ideas To Get You More Sales

So you own a small business and you have a good product. You know that what you are selling is worth what you are charging. How do you let your potential customers know that as well as why to trust you and where you are? We want to help you with a few small business ideas to really sell what you’ve got.

Basic Style and Branding Flow

Before anything else you do or pay for, first your business need to flow visually throughout your social media, website, online marketing directories (ie. Yelp, TrueLocal) as well as any visual content you have. Decide exactly who you are and what style of promotional material suits your business. This helps to show your customers and potential new clients subconsciously that you are together and your business is solid. There are so many businesses doing this wrong. They have a different logo on their website compared to their Facebook page. Here are the main things to change before moving to the next idea.

  1. Make sure your logo is good quality and on all your sites. These include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, TrueLocal, your website and more.
  2. Make sure you are using ONE main image and other images that are from the same photo shoot or are in the same style.
  3. Make sure that all of your social media and website links match up. There is no use being or them being joeblogs112 on Instagram. You should not be actively trying to confuse your customers.
  4. Make sure that you have a quality website that is equal to or better than your competitors (within a budget). If you are in a highly competitive market with huge corporations in your region, find the little guys you are up against and have a site as good as them. Even if it’s a one-page website that looks amazing, it’s far more important that your Home/Welcome page is eye-catching and great for the audience.

Digital Marketing and Online Ideas

There are several good ways to stand out in your industry from others. Now you have a message, brand and the business has its target audience, it’s time to capture them. These are a few great ideas to accelerate digital marketing for engaging your audience.

  • Blogs and Articles about what you do.

This is one of the best ways to get your ideas down whilst also making Google pay attention to your website. This helps your website to be higher in Google Ranks (basic SEO for your website). It’s also a great way to express your expertise for potential customers.

  • Video Content.

Getting yourself together with an affordable videographer and a good concept is a great way to get the ball rolling. If you are producing good content that is engaging you are going to catch attention.

  • Photos

Visual connection and engagement start with photos that show off what your business does and is. However, unless you know your way around a camera, investing in a photographer is a great option.

  • Infographics

These are easily put together with the right people and can outline the reasons why a customer should be using your service. They list facts in a visually appealing way to convey a message, your message.

  • Facebook/Google AdWords Promotion

Once you have one or all of the last points, you can then integrate them with social media and Google to enhance your business’ presence. If you have content that is engaging, the best way to put it in front of people is to promote it online. You can pay-to-play or build your brand without extra money which takes more time. Either way, you are building your brand.

Real World Tried and True Methods

Never underestimate the beauty of a newspaper, magazine or radio station. Having a little advertising budget towards these can really help your business even in the modern world. These are some of the best small business ideas for your marketing plan.

  • Press Releases

Either by writing it yourself or hiring someone to do it, a press release opens doors to other forms of advertising. When you send them to the right people, you’ll get the right press and exposure.

  • Sponsorships

Sponsoring sports teams are great, being a major sponsor for a widely advertised and seen event is even better. As long as you are mentioned and your product is explained clearly.

  • Radio Interviews and TV Spots

Once press releases are sent out, you will be able to book interviews with people on the radio and possibly the news. If you have the right angle for them, your phone will be ringing off the hook.

  • Holding Events

Holding events yourself is also a great way to garner radio, TV and online exposure. You could hold a sale with giveaways, you could have an exclusive release for select people. However you can create buzz around your buzz, it’s worth it.

These are just a few small business ideas for you to grow your exposure. Why not connect with others to help one another out to grow your clientele. Contact Connect For Growth as they are the number 1 Casey business networking group.