Starting a business the right way

Starting a business the right way

There are clinical ways to approach starting a business around your idea. You can find that in any articles on the internet. This article is designed to give you the things you really need to get your business off the ground in today’s world.

Having an idea and ABN is only a small part of starting a business. Like many Australians every year, you may get an idea and think that everyone should know about it and buy it. The problem is that we are easily discouraged when people question those ideas. We take easier and easier ways out on our way to the creating and selling our idea. We continue to water it down until we only see the problems it might have. However, in actuality, the power is in your hands to make the idea the way you want.

Sacrifice and Commitment

It’s truly a blessing and a curse having your own business. You are your own boss and in the same breath, you are the payroll officer. If you aren’t making money you aren’t getting paid. There is a lot of sacrifice and heartache that goes into the starting of a business. You have sleepless nights and bills to pay, more than a normal household. Everything falls back onto you. However, you know your abilities, where you want to go and have the drive to get there. That’s what makes being in business the rollercoaster ride of emotions it can be. At the initial planning stage, a lot of people jump off the train because of the risk. However, the people that stay move on to the next stage of business, Day 1 of Business!

Networking and Connecting With Like Minded People

This may seem like a weird place to be before even “opening your doors”, however, there are huge benefits. You connect with people who are at all stages of business with ideas and connections to help you along. A network meeting is similar to when employees connect around the “watercooler”. It’s all about connection and growth.

Say you have been working with a supplier in the initial stages of your business. You get a passable price from them, and you are looking at a good profit margin. If you network with other people in your field, you may find a supplier that deals with this established businesses and can get a great bulk buy rate, now you have someone to work with when you are inundated with orders.

Connecting with people both before and after opening day is a great way to be encouraged on your journey. Business people love to connect with others so take hold of the opportunities that present themselves.

The Opening Day

You have worked on your business plan, you have saved or borrowed money, you have itemised your goods or listed your services. Now you are ready to get out there and Sell, Sell, Sell. The best piece of advice is to manage your expectations as well as your money.

It’s extremely good to get excited. However, sometimes the first day is awesome and at other times it could be disappointing. What you need to know is that the first day is just that, the first day. None of the television shows you watch ever got it right in the first ‘pilot’ show. So don’t expect it to happen. You are going to make tweaks every day to get it perfect. If you stop tweaking, you could become stale. Keep up the good work!

Reaching Your Audience

Your business is not going to grow itself. Word Of Mouth is one of the best ways to grow your business, however, if there’s no one through the door in the first place, you have no one to tell other potential customers. Making flyers at the local printer is a great low-tech way of reaching people. However, using the modern convenience of today’s world as well as digital marketing strategies and SEO will yield the results you are looking for.

Make sure that all of your advertising is correct, eye-catching and representative of you and your business. Other great exposure can come through sponsoring events, using Google AdWords and Facebook, attending or holding seminars about your product/services and local network meetings. You should have a great website that represents YOU, that is mobile-friendly as well. All of this is what you should have before and after your “opening day”. It’s the best way to start.

You need to make sure that you have planned and are living in the ‘Ever Present Now’ every step of the way. Business is extremely rewarding and can be a lot of fun. Meeting people, connecting and sharing your experiences is one of the best ways to express, grow and succeed.

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