K&F Property is a specialised Property Investment Advisory service.
Our professional commitment is to share the experience and knowledge accumulated during the past 20 years while assisting investors reach their personal, financial and investment goals through real estate.
By analysing the investor’s circumstances we ensure that only the most appropriate properties form part of a property portfolio aimed to fulfil the client’s investment strategy.
The approach is supported by offering on going investment education during the evolution of property cycles so only the most appropriate investments are secured.
K&F Property is also a specialised Housing Consultancy Service.
Our professional commitment is sharing our lifetime experience and knowledge accumulated in assisting homeowners fulfil their dream of home ownership.
We recognise that no two homes are ever the same because of the singularity of its occupiers. By reviewing your particular circumstances we ensure that only the most appropriate housing solution is secured to fulfil your special set of circumstances.
Our approach is supported by offering on-going education in the areas of house design, building contracts and finance so only the best outcome is secured. Clarity and openness are the hallmarks sought to provide you with all the information you will ever need to make your own decisions.
Within the comfort of your walls, we provide in-home consultation at times convenient to you with a large selection of house designs or customised solutions at your disposal.


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