Membership Packages

membership package connect for growth Connect For Growth is built on the philosophy that rising tides raise all ships. They are proud to see connections within the group ripple out into the community. These connections help to grow industries and flourish the Casey Cardinia community. Connect For Growth invites business owners, their associates and students to join the group and attend the breakfast meetings.

With this openness, Connect For Growth has nurtured and grown business synergy. Many of the businesses represented in this group have been able to fill the roles in their projects by having the right people and the right connections, established in the group. The network effect of a group like Connect For Growth is a true testament to why it’s a successful business group.

The membership levels offered here are open for anyone with a business or an interest in helping the community. The packages are designed for you to take the full advantage of the breakfast meetings, resources and connections you’ll make within the group. Have a quick read of each of the level benefits and join today to see the results of being a Connect For Growth member.

Corporate (Monthly Subscription)

$88.00 / month
Monthly Subscription
Any 2 Team Members (from your office, franchise or branch) can attend each breakfast
Fortnightly Breakfast
Quarterly Mentor Session with an experienced Group Member
SEO Backlink to your website
Opportunity to present a Workshop for the Business Group
Featured Newsletter Article

Student (Annual Subscription)

Student membership entitles you to attend the fortnightly breakfast at a charge of $15.00 / per breakfast, a letter of attendance from the President of Connect For Growth.
$22.00 / year
Annual Subscription
Letter of Membership
Student discounted breakfast